it's the 'earth is ghetto' derby black history series this october


Today feels special and I implore you to treat yourself to a mini spa at home, in your bedsit, in your penthouse apartment.  This is the first day of skin and if you cannot feel that pollen scraping the back of your throat to remind you that it's so great to be alive, then hear this: those alarms ringing at the back of your head are not emergency sirens; rather a warning to get your butt into gear and look ''yourself".

You may have forgotten your new year promises of detoxing and questing for eternal health.  Did you forget that you are only as good as your last mini spa.  Look, it's 3 clear months before the summer and it's never too late to get good habits on you.  So, put down the tub of double creamed sticky doughie ice cream and consider that you want to look naturally polished and sprightly when the heatwave hits.  At this rate, you may even be planning a warm Easter Break.  I want to help you.  Let's get that routine going.

First we need to make sure that we are resting well.  Don't be tempted to watch the whole of the Prime or Netflix series.  Just watch one episode.  Then, slip on your headphones and listen to a 5 minute meditation you have previously donloaded or find a 5-20 minute version on Youtube. Now you are relaxing.

Next, go and brush your teeth and wash your face with Sheer B Liquid Soap containing shea butter and African black soap.  Really enjoy the feel of your fingers massaging the soap onto your skin in moderate circles.  Feel that?

Now, pat your skin dry with a towel and either apply a few drops of e of SheerB's massage oil to your face.

That is all.