it's the 'earth is ghetto' derby black history series this october

Post Egyptian Skin Peel

So the end of our amazing UK summer is upon us and it is blustering out in style.  What better way to remind us to check in and look after our skin with gentle sugar scrubs and moisturising Cosy Feeling SheerB combinations. 

Our Black soap with shea sugar scrub will help to exfoliate the dead skin that is beginning to peel after the intense Egyptian sun that you soaked up (or maybe you stayed in the Ol' Blighty heatwave).  After rinsing off, follow this up by digging out a good dollop of Cosy Feeling, spreading it across your palms and then applying to your body, one limb at a time.  Come back to each part of your body to even out the distribution of the whipped butter across your body.  Enjoy the look of the satin gloss effect of SheerB. on your skin.  That is pure poetry for the skin right there.

Speaking of words, September has been about mixing my shea butters with some poetry..kinda!  I have the absolute pleasure to be able to share my products at the 'Meet the Archive' event taking place on 29th September at Nottingham Writers' Studio organised by the dynamic Nottingham Black Archive.  I will then be performing some of my poems for NBA's audiences at the same venue.  If you can make it to top up on your SheerB. recipes or to take in some poetic vibes, then I look forward to seeing you there!