it's the 'earth is ghetto' derby black history series this october

New Year, New Habits.

Although this winter has been mild so far, the amazing changes that we have witnessed this season does have an effect our skin.  It's important to have warm drinks to keep you and your skin feeling hydrated.  I tend to comfort eat on my carbs that accompany my Naija-themed soups and stews.  But I also know that chucking in some fresh fruit into a blender with spinach, or throwing in some crunchy salad into your chicken wraps can also help to give us that comfort with a bunch of healthy goodness, setting up some new habits for the next phase..

Smothering on a skin conditioner, such as SheerB's Chillax or Cosy Feeling body butters will make you remember what is the most important - you!  And as we step through the winter into spring, we respect the stillness in the air and the fresh vibes that a new year brings.

What will your new habit be?